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Spirit Animal - Everything Spirit, Power, Totem Animals

A spirit animal is a spirit guide in animal form which you have a relationship with. They are commonly referred to as a power animal, animal spirit, or totem animal. Usually when people talk about a totem animal, they are referring to an animal guide that belongs to or is shared among a clan or family. Also, a totem is often used to describe an object that is imbued with a spirit. Often you see a totem, made from wood, carved with the animal on it such as a bear or eagle to represent the spirit animal.  

A person usually has a strong relationship with one particular spirit animal which is their power animal. Your power animal is important to know as this animal spirit is the one that helps you in healing, guidance, and protection in your life. In spiritual and ordinary reality, the power animal accompanies you on your journeys. However, a person still interacts with other spirit animals in their lives for guidance. A person who interacts with spirit animals will often have totems depicting animals other than his or her power animal. Other totems such as stone figurines, paintings, and hides carry the essence of their respective animal spirits and kept to interact with them.

The power animal, your primary spirit animal, can be discovered in several different ways.  Some of the ways you find your power animal is through your dreams, visions, or meditations. Power animals are normally wild animals because they are more connected to the natural world. Domesticated animals can be spirit animals, but not power animals. You may have noticed that you have a natural attraction to certain animals. This may be a sign that your power animal is revealing itself to you. When you see an animal, or a symbol of that animal, and strongly feel a connection to that animal, it is your instincts telling you which animal is your power animal.

Your power animal is usually going to be reflective of your own personality. You and your power animal will have similar characteristics and traits. In some cases, a person can have a power animal with different traits in order to help a person in those particular traits. A person that needs help with overcoming their problems may have a hawk power animal as one example.  Just as you change when you grow, your power animal may change as well.  Power animals stay with you for many years but it is a cooperative relationship. As you develop, your needs change, and a different power animal can step in to guide you during the new phase of your life.

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